About us


Technical Know-How and professionality have allowed TEMA SpA (Joint Stock Company) to specialise in the designing and realisation of operators' pannels, industrial PC, cards and electronic circuits. Today, TEMA SpA offers a full support for the development and production of electronic and electromechanic custom-made systems for industrial automation

Let's design together future electronics

Technical Know-How and professionalism have allowed T.E.M.A. S.p.A. (Joint Stock Company) to specialise in the design and construction of electronic cards and circuits, thus offering a complete support for the development and production of custom-made electronic and electro-mechanical systems for industrial automation.

Located at three different sites and employing 60 people, we perform our activity on an area of 8,000 sq. mt.

Flexibility,  operative dynamicity and technological innovation, together with the strong company's attitude to be always oriented towards the complete satisfaction of its clients, allow TEMA S.p.A. to act in a wide range of sectors, from hydraulic to machine control, from pneumatic post to packaging machines. We supply a 360° service.

TEMA, where clients are partners

We offer a complete and qualified service, starting from the design up to the finished product. We look for the best solutions as far as quality, time and costs are concerned, always respecting the environment. We co-operate with our customers and we back them up at all stages during design. These are TEMA' s indispensable elements to contribute to the improvement of its clients' activity.

A high level technical staff

Innovative projects and technologically advanced constructions must be suppported by an efficient assistance activity. TEMA SpA, thanks to a continuous presence of qualified technical staff, is able to offer an immediate answer to different requests in order to get the best results all the time.

Thirty years of experience in the world of automation

TEMA SpA (Applied Mechanical Electronic Technologies) came into being in 1986 in Castelnuovo Rangone (Modena) after a meeting of technicians coming from different professional experiences. It was born as a company producing electronic cards, circuits and devices for automation. Since the start its technical and productive resources were addressed to satisfy the different requests of its clients by co-operating in a purposeful way in search and for the development of new products.

In 1999 and in 2005 some other companies were absorbed, such as ASIC and ELECTRON

TEMA Technology Group was thus born

Our world revolves around the customer

We design more and more innovative solutions to satisfy our clients' requirements

The development of products of high technological contents requires since the start a careful and efficient design. A high technical Know-How, professional experience and flexibility, together with continuous research, are for TEMA essential elements in order to offer qualified products.

We co-operate with our customers by making available, besides technology, design innovation and analysis capability. This allows us to respond to specific needs with different custom made solutions.